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A 1200-lumen portable mini-projector by DBPOWER.

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Need help identifying COB LED component on DBPOWER RD-810 Projector


I have the upgraded model of the Dbpower RD-810 projector. This one is advertised 3500 lumens. However, it quit working. The two wires to the COB do test at 12vdc. However, the COB will not illuminate.

After removing the COB and heat sink from their unit (de-soldered at the motherboard) I applied 12vdc to the wires - nothing. There's a little silver component that I've yet to identify. Has the markings ‘KAVASS BW-80B' - that seems to not exist on the internet.

Can anyone identify what this is, and/or recommend a suitable replacement?

Block Image



Edit - adding another image:

Block Image

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I've still not had any luck discovering what this device is. It IS allowing approximately 6vdc to get to the COB LED.

This COB is a 6 x 3 matrix, so 18 LED's, assuming 1W per LED, I'm at an 18W COB. The resistance measurement on my DMM is an open circuit. I was thinking thermocouple at first, but, that doesn't make any sense because there was a clear plastic sleeve around it when it was attached to the heat sink.

The search continues...


Hi @randomrodder ,

Are you sure that it is "KAVASS"?

Searching for this name brings no results at all, not even anything else that they may make.

Looking at a very enlarged image (300%) of the component in your image I think that it shows on the bottom right end something like V 5A

Perhaps it is the current rating and the voltage which I can't make out.

You may be able to discern it better being closer to it ;-).

It may help to identify what it is.


Just to lead you totally off the track, I found this link when I was looking for Ka vaas (just trying different options). It does mention LEDs so thought that there may be a tie in. haven't looked at it further as I'm not into Facebook



@jayeff - thanks for your reply.

I've added a clearer image of the component. My initial thoughts were a fuse of some sort. That' doesn't really account for the approximately 7vdc drop across it when I have my bench power supply hooked up. If it were an open fuse, I should read the full 12vdc; the DMM reading of infinite ohms should suggest that as well, yet, here were are, lol. I did switch leads just to make sure it wasn't some kind of weird diode acting as a circuit protection device. Which still wouldn't explain why 12vdc killed it...

Heh... your Facebook link was written in a Scandinavian language. KAVASS was in there, but, separated like 'ka vass.'


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Hi @randomrodder ,

It could be high resistance inside the component that is causing the voltage drop

It’s a thermoswitch

I’m not sure but I think that the 80B code might refer to its’ operating temp / reset temp.

Here’s just one supplier of a compatible component if you can’t get just 1 from the first link

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I'll be damned. I looked for similar devices, only found items like a pellet stove snap disc thermostat. Thank you! Found some on eBay, little more, but, I don't have to wait for Chinese shipping.


Hi @randomrodder,

I admit that I didn't look too far for other suppliers. Only far enough to verify that's what it is.

Good luck with the repair.



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