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Repair information for the the Dell XPS 12 9Q23 convertible ultrabook. It is a 12" laptop that can be converted into a tablet with a touchscreen.

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How to fix water damaged screen?

Hello, Last Week I came back home, and I found “ clouds” on my PC’s right bottom corner. I didn’t worry about it. But today I turned on my PC. And I saw my screen all black(only couple pixels were visible). I checked prices of screen replacements, but they were kinda expensive… So.. is there any way how to fix it? My PC model is: Dell xps 12 9q23

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Have you proved that it is only a screen problem and that the water did not also damage other components as well?

Try connecting an external monitor to the tablet to check if the display on it is OK.

Repairing panels is not a DIY option if the problem is in the panel itself.

Replacing it is.

Here’s a link to the service manual for the laptop, taken from this webpage.

Scroll top.57 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and the the procedure to remove / replace the display panel.

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So, I tryed connecting my PC to a monitor. Its completely functional. Keyboard is also working…

Btw thanks for answer… And I almost forgot, can you suggest a cheap display?



The best way to find a display is to find the Dell part number which is usually printed on the back of the display panel and search online using the part number only in the search term of your browser.

I realize that it is a pain to haveto open the laptop and remove the panel to do this but it has its' advantages.

You know that you will be getting the correct replacement part for "your" laptop because the search is for a part number and not a laptop model which can have several different display panel options.

Also you may get results for more suppliers (therefore more choice) because the display may be suitable for other models as well as yours which may not show up when searching for your laptop model only.


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