Where are replacement flex cables sold?

I need a flex cable replacement kit.I replace a few parts here and there in 4 of my E5 Agspire laptops from the 573 to 576g and a couple of the flex cables were broken or the connectors were ,or seemed old,and did not hold.I need a kit and for the life of me can’t nail down a place that sells something like that.

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What flex cable, keyboard cable, LVDS cable, DC-In jack cable etc?


like I said,there's 4 flat ribbon,flex cable in Aspire E5,I can get dc anywhere.There's no kit?No assortment?Gotta buy one at a time?I need keyboard,2nd HDD,and the other 3.


Im not sure I understand your reply... the flex cable on the keyboard is usually attached directly to the keyboard and not replaceable. the HDD/Sata connector is usually attached directly to the board via solder or what is more likely the case here is a flex leading into a sata connector. In both of these cases it is more then the flex that needs to be replaced and also likely in both cases is that these are custom parts specifically made for Acer. So I believe you are stuck buying everything individually.


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