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Un petit rafraîchissement du MacBook Air de fin 2018, avec le même numéro de modèle (A1932) et le même numéro EMC (3184). Ce modèle est doté d'un écran True Tone et d'une batterie légèrement révisée.

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Removing and cleaning keyboard and keys?

How to remove and clean the keyboard keys and then reattaching them?

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This model has the famous butterfly keys which are not really removable without the risk of damaging them.

Why do you need to remove the keycaps? What spilled?

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Two months ago I spilled chocolate milk on my girlfriends computer.

I went to a free pc check, and they dried it out on a radioator.

The pc works fine, but some of the keys are sticky, and you can see the residue. I tried removing it by scraping in the small spacing between the key and the body, but there is still some left.

My intention was to remove the keys and clean the keys with isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swap.


Ouch! Best to go to Apple or authorized service centers to see if they can replace the keyboard as that's about all you can do here.


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