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Repair information for the official Sony-brand wireless headset for the PlayStation 3. This headset features virtual 7.1 surround sound, and has model number CECHYA-0080.

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Can’t get new dongle to pair with headset

I lost the dongle to my old style PS3 headset. Cechya-0080. Bought new dongle cechya-0082. Tried every combination of pushing the 2 recessed buttons on both the dongle and headset and they will not pair. Any suggestions?

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Will a CECHYA-0080 Wireless Headset Connect to a CECHYA-0081 Dongle?


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You could try what is suggested in the Most Helpful Answer in this link to see if that works but I’m thinking that the 0082 dongle will be incompatible with a 0080 headset.

I lost my usb, what I do?

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