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The Lancer is 4 door sedan or 5 door hatchback made by Mitsubishi. The standard model include engine sizes from 1.5-2.4 liters, gasoline or diesel. Transmission options include automatic, standard, and CVT.

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Why is my rpms going up and down and car shaking

The last couple of months my car shakes really bad to the point where my automatic 09 lancer turns off. The rpms are going up and down between 0-1 and shaking quite badly.

would this be the idle speed motor perhaps?

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I live in Queensland, Australia


Hi @chelsey_marie05 ,

Not for free and not a recommendation as I haven't used them for this myself but here's one

Might save a lot of hassles ;-)

Just a thought.

Perth WA



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check air filter and spark plugs first to make sure there clean, if there both fine then I'd look in the direction of clogged or dirty fuel system and injectors if there’s no CEL light on the dash as this would restrict the fuel getting to the engine but not completely stop it from starting which may explain the rough idle as the ECU will be altering the idle speed to try and stop it from stalling by altering the ratio of fuel. If there is any codes or a light showing its going to be a sensor picking something up in or around the engine like the crank sensor or possibly timing related depending on the mileage and condition of the engine. if there is any codes present they can usually mean one of a couple of things wrong i.e it doesn't necessarily mean the sensor itself is broken if that codes throws up, it may mean that the sensors reading a inconsistency caused by something else. best bet would be to get a garage to scan and check it if the car is actually cutting itself off.

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Hi @chelsey_marie05,

Could be a few things that can cause this, get the OBDII port scanned for any codes.

The codes (if there are any) should help to let you know what is happening.

If you live in the USA AutoZone will do this for free

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Sir my car is new and it's RPM is fluctuating and 2 months back it was showing check engine sign


@namah_art 98

If it is new take it back to the dealer and get them to check it out, as it should still be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Check what the warranty period is for your car. Most new cars have a minimum 1 year warranty but most are now 3 or even 5 years. Depending on your location of course.


Thank you so much for your valuable time sir sir it's still in warranty period but sir we went there and they said its just a sign no need to worry and after 2 months now it's RPM is fluctuating its an AMT car is the problem related to engine and is it serious?


@namah_art 98

A check engine light may indicate a serious problem and should be checked as to what it is.

If the dealer won't help, go to another one who sells the same make of vehicle and get them to look at it.

It is not the dealer that provides the warranty, it is the car manufacturer.

If there is no other dealer nearby go back to your dealer and ask for the service manager and tell them about the problem and say a Check engine light is there for a reason i.e. "check the engine" as there is something happening that shouldn't be. Most engines have control modules that can be connected to with a scan tool which dealers should have to read the error codes (if any) which will tell them about any problems.


Thank you so much sir


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