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Guide de réparation et de désassemblage pour les ordinateurs de bureau produits par Acer.

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Device wont wake from sleep, but gets worse.

Hi Team!

I have an Acer Desktop. it’s old, but I’m really trying not to spend too much at the moment. When I let the device fall asleep for more than 10 minutes, the computer won’t wake from sleep. however, it also loses responsiveness. holding the power button does not boot it up. I have checked if it is the front panel having an intermittent cold circuit, by opening the PC and shorting the front panel Pwr Pins. This did not fix the issue.

as I continued my testing, if I leave it to the point where the device doesn’t wake and the power button doesn’t power it down if held, if I unplug it, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in, the device doesn’t boot. I have to leave it for a few hours before the device will power on again.

This feels like a PSU or board issue, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced this, and can either verify my thoughts or point me in the right direction?

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Thanks for all of your suggestions team. after trying it all, the issue persisted, so i got a scrap 400W PSU from my friend, wired it up, and it fixed the issue. :)

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Which ACER model?

Go into BIOS and reset to default settings.

Especially if old blow out dust from motherboard and power supply, reseat RAM, graphics card, check CPU temperature to see if it is overheat. Are all the fans spinning at correct RPM, etc.

One key for troubleshooting is keep it simple or KISS ,if you like.

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Hi @phonesandbones ,

What is the model number of the desktop.

Switch off the desktop (if on) and switch off and disconnect the power from the desktop

Find the coin cell battery located on the motherboard and remove it from the motherboard. Remember the orientation of the battery for when to go to put it back in. (usually +ve on top)

Whilst it is out measure its’ voltage. Usually coin cell batteries are 3V DC, non rechargeable and last for 5-7 years. If it is less than 2.6V DC replace it. The type is usually marked on the battery (CR2032 perhaps)

With the coin cell battery still out, press and hold the desktop’s Power On button for 30 seconds and release.

Re-install the coin cell battery (or a replacement) reconnect the power to the desktop and try to turn on the desktop.

If the desktop starts you will probably get a message about the Date and Time being incorrect so you will have to enter BIOS and set the date / time etc.

Once it has started OK check what happens when it has gone into sleep mode and you want to wake it up or if you turn it off in the normal way and then try to start it again inthe normal manner.

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