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Repair and additional information for the GE Refrigerator GSS25QGT, a side-by-side model without an ice-through-door feature, equipped with an automatic defrost system and an anti-sweat heater switch, introduced in 2008. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern GSS25QGT***.

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Why did my GE refrigerator water dispenser stop working

I have a GE GSS25QGTBWW side-by-side refrigerator with water and ice dispenser in the door. I’ve been negligent and hadn’t bothered to replace the water filter, mainly because the flow has been fine (I’m on city water, so there’s probably not much to filter out). However, I know that it was years overdue, so I purchased some aftermarket replacement filters.

In short, the water/ice was working fine before I removed the original filter. Now that I’ve swapped it out there’s no water. Not only that, I put the original filter back in and there’s no water from it now either. Nor with the bypass plug installed. I can hear the relay switch cycling when I press the dispenser arm, but nothing is coming out. Water is getting to the filter, as it will pressurize when I take it out/reinstall it, but nothing makes it from there to the dispenser.

Already tried holding the dispenser arm down for several minutes to no avail. I’ve also probably cycled it (clicked the dispenser arm and released it) over 100 times. One time when cycling it I heard a burbling of water from the hoses, but that only happened once.

All of the above attempts to get it working happened over a very short period, so there shouldn’t be any issue with something freezing up while I was changing parts around. Searched around online and can’t find anyone else describing something like this, so I thought I’d give it a try here. Not sure how I managed to “break” something by just swapping a filter! Thanks in advance!

Update: The ice maker is working (gray ice from the carbon in the new filter), but still nothing out of the water dispenser.

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Disconnect the water line at the union connector under the freezer door. Put the tube in a bucket and push the water dispenser release. If the water coming out with a good pressure, the water line inside the freezer door is frozen up.

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Thanks @mayer! I disconnected the water line and found that it was flowing just fine. There were several different suggestions for how to unfreeze the water line and I tried several of them last night (hair dryer up into the dispenser area; hair dryer against the inside of the door behind the dispenser; hot water up into the dispenser outlet; injecting water into the bottom of the line at the union connector), but nothing seemed to work and I just left it for the night.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked it and the water was flowing just fine again! One of those must’ve done some good last night. Thanks for the help with diagnosing the issue!


What if no water comes out when you press the dispenser? At least I know it’s not that frozen in the freezer door. But what else can I try to fix it?


@Bryant McArthur

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


The newer models somewhere around the middle of 2020 may require a filter with the rfid chip. No chip, no water.


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