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Le 360fly 4K est un caméscope capable à la fois d'effectuer des prises de vue vidéo panoramiques sur 360 degrés et des enregistrements vidéo cadrés avec une résolution de 4K. Il s'identifie à sa taille et à son poids : une sphère de 61 mm et 172 g.

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The LEDs suddenly stopped turning on

Suddenly, all of the LEDs stopped functioning. The rest of the camera works fine and i did not have it under or near water. When i took it apart, i found that one of five of the smd LEDs on the pcb had charred lines that run into the smd. I'm not sure if it's just an smd that needs to be replaced or a larger issue. Perhaps the board is specifically for the LEDs and is fried?

Block Image

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Hi @myers13skulls ,

The LED, LED driver and associated components (bit hard to see in the pic what is missing in comparison to the other LEDs) is certainly damaged and/or burnt out.

Could be just component failure that caused this. Certainly looks like excess current flow through the components.

Try searching online for (insert "board" number of LED board) schematic to hopefully find a schematic diagram of the pcb which will make it easier to diagnose if anything else is faulty or what may have caused this to happen.

Alternatively, this may be an option to consider, if you can't find the schematics and the price is right.

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