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The ASUS ZenBook, which can be identified by the model number UX330U, was released in March of 2017. The UX330U is also referred to as the UX330UA in some regions. The ZenBook uses Windows 10 and features up to 12 hours of battery life, a QHD+ Display, and a lightweight and slim profile.

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How to open asus zenbook ux530u to upgrade ram

i’ve search all over the internet for manual for this laptop couldn’t find any help.

i’ve removed all 10 trox screws plus i unplugged one of the rubber to see if there screws under it (there was none).

and still the back cover wouldn’t budge, its a company laptop so i can not force open it.

if someone can give me some tips it would be much appreciated


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Maybe you couldn’t find anything online about upgrading the memory is because perhaps the RAM is not able to be upgraded.

According to the specifications for a UX530UX if this is your model, it states:

Memory 4GB / 8GB / 16GB 2133MHz DDR4 onboard.

This usually means that the memory is hard mounted on the motherboard and the modules are not inserted into a slot and removable.

This is confirmed by this memory module and ssd supplier who also shows that the memory is non-removable.

They show the same for an Asus UX530UQ if this is the model you have

It seems that what you have is what you’re stuck with.

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ouch, then i was fooled by the seller.

i asked and was told it is upgrade-able...

anyway thanks for the help, much appreciated


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Hi, this happened to me too. Then I realised the front rubber pads do not have screws underneath, but the back two do. So, if you haven’t looked under those you could try that.

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