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HP Pavilion 15 laptop released in December of 2017 with model number 15-cc123cl.

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Every 4 seconds exactly my screen glitches

Exactly every 4 seconds my screen switches from normal to repeating the top bar all the way down the screen for 4 seconds and then goes back to normal and repeats.

Update (03/16/2020)

To summarize for any future readers, the issue was only with the built-in monitor, external monitors worked fine, and the issue persisted in the BIOS menu, most likely indicating a hardware issue. There was no visible damage to the motherboard or the wiring to the screen. I plugged in another , working laptop screen and it worked without issue. I'm fairly certain a replacement screen will fix it. I will update when I get the replacement.

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Hi @hami27 ,

Attach an external monitor to the laptop's HDMI port and check if it occurs on it as well.

Even a TV can be used as an external monitor as long as it has HDMI inputs and you have the appropriate cable to connect the two together.

Don't forget to press the appropriate key on the top row of the keyboard to switch between viewing the laptop screen only, the external monitor only or both screens on together.

If it works OK on the external monitor it may be a problem with cable to the laptop screen or the screen itself.

If it is doing the same on the external monitor try starting the laptop in safe mode (assuming you have Win 10) and check if it still occurs.

If not you have a driver error.

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I have done both of those and an external monitor works perfectly fine, and when I boot into the BIOS menu I see the same glitch. I assume that it is the hardware, either the cable to the screen or the circuit on the screen itself, I just want to be sure of which one before I buy replacement parts.


@hami27 ,

For a DIY repair the only way to tell is to open it up and inspect that the LVDS cable connections are secure (both ends) and the cable for any damage where it passes though the hinge and if no damage in evidence then temporarily replace the screen with a known good one to see where the problem is.

To be more technical would require the schematics of the motherboard to find out the pinout for the LVDS cable connector and then determine if the problem is coming from the motherboard, is in the cable or the screen.

You could try searching for "(insert motherboard board number) schematics" and hope for a result


I plugged in a working laptop screen and it worked fine, it must be damage to the circuits on the screen.


Hi @hami27 ,

It was fortunate that you had a display that was compatible with the laptop as a lot aren't compatible between makes, models etc


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