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How to fix black screen of death

Please help me. Nothing happened. It suddenly became black screen.

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A lot of these newer Samsung phones are breaking in the opposite way nowdays - the S6 and newer ones use glass that is stronger then the AMOLED panel under said glass. It sounds like you broke the screen, but the glass didn’t break so you didn’t expect panel damage.

Sadly, Samsung is infamous for having screens that cost ~50% of the entire phone due to their love for AMOLED. It isn’t as bad on the flagships due to the higher initial purchase price/financing buyout, but it’s still notoriously up there. Depending on the price of the screen vs. the phone, it may be more cost effective to replace the phone. It’s usually ~$180-200 for the display with these cheaper Samsung phones and the phone is ~$330 new.

I can’t find it on the Samsung US website so it seems like it’s an import since I see international version on Amazon on ALL of the A70’s. The A50 is the US model here, so you may need to do the USD conversion to get local pricing.

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