nest app will not connect to the internet

My nest app will not connect to the internet

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@maria chapan..... this is an older may want to start your own thread. with that being said, take a look here for some internet troubleshooting for your device.


@jostewcrew ,

FYI when you link a user name in your reply to anyone in a question or answer check if the link @ appears under their user name. It may even be different to their user name.

If there is no linking address shown in a question or answer post then they will not be notified "directly" and your reply may actually be addressed to someone else if it is already being used as well, as you are notifying them directly, maybe much to their surprise and puzzlement as to why ;-)

You can see in your comment above that the first name after the @ is highlighted but not the second and if you click on it you will end up on someone else's user page and not the OPs page.

If you want to address them by user name and they have a @ link under their user name, use it in your reply. If they haven't got a link address under their name (because they didn't opt for it) put a space between the @ and the user name or just use their name only. They will still get the notification but in a different way

If you wish to reply to a comment, hover your mouse over their comment and a reply option appears which you can click on and it will ensure that it is addressed correctly in a new box that opens for you to use

Hopefully this makes some sense.

Keep up the good work.



@jayeff woops...thanks for the tips and clarification


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