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Samsung 65-inch 2160P TV. Released in 2015.

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Screen won’t come on.

The television will come on and make sound but the screen will only briefly flicker once if I power in with the television controls. If I power on with remote it won’t flicker but either way I power on the LED flashes 5 times upon power button being pushed. Can the power board be damaged partially. Distributing enough energy to some part of the tv but not the screen?

Update (04/02/2020)

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @dallascrowdis ,

Check if there is an image on the screen at all, by shining a torch at an angle close to the screen.

It will be very faint if it is there so trying in a darkened room may help

If the TV is no longer covered by the warranty, disconnect the power from the TV and remove the back cover.

Then disconnect the cable between the mainboard and the power board.

Reconnect the power to the TV and switch on.

The backlights should come on and stay on. There will be no picture because the mainboard is disconnected.

If no backlights, then you have a backlight problem.

If there are no backlights (or even if there are) do you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it?

If so measure the voltages shown on the power board and check if they are as stated.

Be safety aware if you try this as there is exposed lethal voltage on the board that you are testing the voltages for. If you don’t know what you’re doing then don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Call an expert

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Hi @dallascrowdis ,

Nothing looks untoward in the images.

In the first that may just be a bit of solder flux on the plastic as the connection appears to be on the other side. You could most probably just gently scrape it off with a screwdriver and find it will look the same as the others.

Did you try the backlight test as suggested, you didn't say?


I did the test as instructed and the back light comes on and stays on


@dallascrowdis ,

Given that the backlight work OK and you say that there is audio, I'm thinking that the power board is OK.

The test you did to prove the backlights is just how Samsung has designed their power boards. It turns all the power full on when the AC is connected and it's the mainboard that tells it to turn on/off certain power supplies as required. So with the backlight power supply OK and the audio power (power to the mainboard) is OK (and I think the tcon gets its' power from the mainboard connection and not the power board directly) that just leaves the mainboard or the tcon board.

The tcon connects the mainboard to the panel i.e. mainboard - tcon - panel, so it may be the obvious one to change but I'm wondering if it is more of a mainboard problem. It's the mainboard that sends the video to the tcon board and also tells the power board to turn the backlights on and off.

Perhaps the only DIY solution is to source a replacement mainboard - examples only from a supplier who offers returns at a minimal cost to you in case the mainboard is not the problem and it is the tcon board.

The examples shown are just to give you a price point and also found by just searching for your "make and model number TV mainboard".

If you decide to try this, ensure that the TV's mainboard or tcon board "board number" i.e. number printed on circuit board including Rev. No. (if any) exactly matches the board number of the board that you're thinking of getting.


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