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One Thin black line down left side of screen and screen flashing

I have a 65” Samsung TV and one very thin black line has appeared down the left side, the picture is also flickering, sometimes the black line will very briefly (split second) disappear. Is this a loose connection? Can I fix this without having to get a new tv? This tv is about 2 years old but cost us over a grand and it’s not something I can afford to just replace instantly, so if this is a simple fix or anyone can help me I’d be eternally grateful! Thanks in advance.

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Hi @lauracullen

It might not be a simple fix as finding out what is wrong may be involved and require using a DMM (digital multimeter) on the power board where exposed lethal voltage is present

It may be the same problem that is causing both fault conditions or perhaps it may be two separate problems.

I’m not trying to dissuade you from fixing the TV, I’m just trying to explain what might be involved in finding out what’s wrong.

With the black line down the screen, this could either be a TCON board problem, a tab problem or worst case a panel problem.

Check the Tab connections to the LCD panel. These connections are extremely fragile and sometimes they just lift off. Try pressing down gently on the tab connector above where the line appears on the screen to see if it removes the line.

If it does then you may have to contrive a way to make it stay down. Perhaps tape but be gentle.

It may be in the tcon board but this would have to be replaced to see if it were there or not.

If checking the tab connection or replacing the tcon doesn’t fix the problem then it is in the panel, which cannot be repaired. It has to be replaced.

The difficult part with this is finding a replacement panel. Find the panel part number on the back of the panel itself and search online using the part number. You may be lucky. If you do find a replacement you’ll find that it will nearly cost as much as a new TV. An option to consider then if you can’t live with the problem is to advertise the TV as faulty screen - good for parts as TV boards are always in demand, to recoup come of the cost towards a new TV.

With the flickering, try the following to see if is a LED backlight problem (or a power board problem) and not a video signal to the panel problem.

Turn off the TV and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. Remove the back cover from the TV and then disconnect the cable that goes between the power board and the mainboard. Reconnect the power cord to the wall outlet and switch on the TV.

The TV LED backlights should come on steady and stay on - no flickering. There will be no picture because the mainboard is disconnected.

If they flicker there may be a problem with the power board or the TV backlights. This is where you will need to use the DMM on a “live” TV to find out where the problem is.

If it is the power board then it is easy to replace. If it is the LED backlights, this will involve dismantling the TV to get access to the lights and then finding and fixing the problem.

If they don’t flicker, then the problem may be in the tcon board, tcon board -mainboard cable (or connections) or the mainboard.

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It started to go away for as long as a minute, then come back again, the line and flickering at the same time, does this mean they’re connected? And could it be as simple as a loose ribbon wire?? I’m out of warranty so Samsung won’t help, even though the tv is only 2 years old. I’m so gutted as we saved for ages to buy this, it hasn’t been knocked or banged, it literally just appeared. If I take the back off and just check the ribbons is that safe to do? I’ve never done this before at all. I’d call someone to repair it but is it gonna cost more than a new tv?? Thanks for help.


Am I safe to have the back of the tv off as long as the power board isn’t exposed to check the tabs? I’m a complete novice, I kind of know what the connectors are from YouTube, but I don’t want to electrocute myself. Do I check the tabs with the tv switched off? Again I know I probably sound dumb, but I don’t know anything about TVs, I’m just trying to see if I can sort this without having to get a new tv or fork out hundreds for a tv that isn’t that old at all. Thanks


Hi @lauracullen

If the flickering and the line appears at the same time then yes they may be connected.

Check the ribbon cable connection from the mainboard to the tcon board and also from the tcon board to the tab connectors.

As before, be careful with the tabs as their connections to the panel are fragile

It is safe as long as the power cord is disconnected from the wall outlet.

To be extra sure, after you have disconnected the power cord, press and hold the TV's Power button for about 20 seconds and then release to discharge any residual power in the TV. Then it is totally dead as far as power is concerned

After that, you are safe from it but it may not be safe from you ;-)

Try not to touch any of the components on the boards, especially the IC components (chips with lots of pin connections) as these are sensitive to ESD damage.

Also check the cable connectors first before trying to unplug them as some may have latches or locking bars to hold them in.

If they seem to just plug in pull them out by the attached "stiffener" plastic strip if it has one or if not pry/pull out by the connector and not the wires if they have a connector that plugs in - hopefully this makes some sense as each brand seems to be different as to what they use for connection types.

The main thing is to take your time and don't rush.

If it doesn't seem to want to unscrew or come out or something, STOP and think about it. Do not force it out of frustration as you can cause more damage. Walk away if you have to, have a coffee and then go back and try again.

Good luck.


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