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Wireless router released October 2007, model number is WGR614v9.

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Why my router is not powering on

Actually my brother connected a 12v power supply to the router by mistake the lights suddenly came gone off now the router is not working pls help me…..

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Hi @official_552 ,

Please verify the model number of the router?

The user manual for the router you nominated specifies that a 12V DC @ 1A power supply is required to be connected. (see p.A-1). Was it perhaps a -ve 12V DC supply and not the required +ve 12 DC supply (standard polarity unless otherwise specified) or even perhaps a 12V AC supply instead?

You may have to open it up and check for any obvious damage to the components anyway even if it was a +ve 12V DC supply.

If you spot something and are not sure or even if not take some close up images of the motherboard, especially near where the power socket is connect and post back here.

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