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{A1706 / EMC 3071} – sorti en juin 2017, ce MacBook Pro 13" présente le processeur Kaby Lake jusqu'à 3,5 GHz avec Turbo Boost jusqu'à 4,5 GHz.

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Gradiant dark shade in bottom of screen, doing video editing

When doing some video editing, or working on the machine for a longer time, I get this line running across the sceen

Block Image

Could it be a graphics card issue? Screen issue?

Anybody experienced similar?

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Sadly you’ve hit a known issue that has plagued a lot of people ;-{

And there are a others!

If you are lucky you haven’t permanently damaged the T-CON board. Make sure your systems vents are not blocked and you may want to dust out the system if you think it’s dirty. I would install a good thermal management app like TG Pro and pumping up the fans when you are pressing your system hard.

If that doesn’t help its time for a new display assembly - Ouch!

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Thanks for the indepth answer. Changed the screen


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