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Wireless router released October 2007, model number is WGR614v9.

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Motorola router keeps flashing on and off

My Motorola Router keep flashing on and off constantly…i even plugged everything off and it keep doing the same thing…it won’t stay stabble..what can i do to fix this problem..?

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Mototola left the router/modem business years ago, and all of the Motorola equipment is EOL at this point. Some ISPs still accept it, but they’re all beginning to drop it now. You’ll need to base if you want to repair it based on if it’s EOL or still supported by your ISP and others in your area, and the odds. I’d give them a call and ask if you want to be absolutely sure.

Power issues like this are often due to worn out power supplies or bad capacitors in the equipment. Start with the power supply and see if that helps; if not, the generation of equipment it is will be what determines if the repair is worth bothering with. DOCSIS 1.0/2.0 modems are ALL EOL with every ISP, unless it’s a weird local one - but those are few and far between. It may be worth trying if it’s 3.0 if the cost of parts is lower then the cost of a new Arris 3.0 (although you want to buy a 3.1 version if you can swing it these days) modem, which most of them are now since that’s the “cheap” spec these days, which is why ISPs issue those out. 3.1 is the current spec, so it’s worth investigating on those.

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