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Repair guides and support for Trio tablets on the Android operating system.

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charger for g5 7.85!

need a charger for G5 7.85

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After looking up your tablet, it seems that a connector called a microUSB should work. chances are, you might have one lying around your house!

They look like this:

Block Image

Alternatively you can buy one by searching up MicroUSB cable. Heres one on amazon:

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You may need a high amp charger in the 2-3A range, as this is a larger device. Any MicroUSB cable will work, but oftentimes with tablets your phone charger does not cut it. Try and find a 3A one to be sure - it may be excessive, but the tablet will only draw what it needs and you can use it with high powered devices no problem. It doesn’t say what it needs on the back (which some of these cheap Android tablets do), so I would assume 2-3A as the baseline.

Try and find a charger like this. Chargers last so long it makes sense to spend more on a good one, even for a low end tablet. The tablet will fail before a quality charger.

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