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Modèle A1312 / Mid-2011 / processeur 2.7 & 3.1 GHz Core i5 ou 3.4 GHz Core i7, ID iMac12,2

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iMac iSight camera to USB Pinout

Hi all,

I deconstructed my iMac and made it into a functioning external monitor after it broke.

I want to re use the iSense camera by making it a USB device. I have heard of people soldering the cables onto a USB for use. The issue is, there is 7 wires and I am not sure which wires to attach to the USB as they only have 4 connections. I have attached an image.

Thanks in advance

Block Image

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Is the camera 3,3V or 5V ?


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I also have a 2011 27" iMac, but clearly different color wires.

I reverse engineered Virtual Drivers video to get the pin order, not the colors since those change even between the same models.

For my 2011 27" iMac 7 wiring is as follows (camera facing you, looking at the QR code, from left to right):

wire 1 black - x

wire 2 purple - x

wire 3 brown - x

wire 4 black - black

wire 5 grey - green

wire 6 green - white

wire 7 blue - red

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thank you finally a pinout that works!


Thanks for this. This worked for me. All of the suggestions which rely on colours aren't helpful. I have 3 - 2011 iMacs and each one has different coloured wires! I think the key is (as you said) wire location relative to the camera on the plug. The last 4 wires (away from the camera when plugged in) are the only ones needed. Also, after stripping the cable, I only had 6 wires. The thick Black #1 wire wasn't in there. Just to demonstrate, here are my wires used.

Plug > USB

#4 (Brown) > Gnd (Black)

#5 (Grey) > Data +ve (Green)

#6 (Purple) > Data -ve (White)

#7 (Blue). > Power (Red)


Will this work with a iMac 21.5" 2014?


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To connect iMac iSight camera to a USB connector

Camera wires to USB cable wires

  • Black - Black
  • Blue - Red
  • Brown - White
  • Purple to Green

The first two are power, the last two is the data output.

Update (06/19/2020)

Are you sure the camera is working?

Here’s the other side connection verify the lines

Block Image

PP5V_S3_Camera is the positive power line (Red) and the frame ground (Black) is the negative side. Do you measure power?

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Thanks for your reply! So apart from these 4, I do not need to connect the other wires?


They are the microphone lines (analog) unless you have a DAC to convert the signal you can't use it.


Awesome, you're the best man. Very greatful


Hi mate, I tried connecting it in the way you said but got nothing!


Hi Sumeet, Did you ever get the camera to work? My 2011 iMac's wire colors exactly match yours, which are different than Dan's, John D's and Virtual Driver's (video). I've tried all these combos and nothing works.


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You can find the correct pin out of the board and just match it to the standard USB Type A pins

Block Image

There are two GND cables coming out of the cable. I used the smaller cable and left the big one alone (not connected)

Works like a charm. It took me a long time to find out the correct pins.

Hope that helps.

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Can share which wires connect?

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[image|2190047] worked


Imac 2011 27inch isight camera to usb

usb to camera wire

black— blue


green - purple



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Is the camera 3,3V or 5V?


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Don’t know. It just works on usb power.


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