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Released on July 21st, 2018, the Huawei Nova 3i is an Android smartphone manufactured by Huawei, a Chinese multinational technology company.

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Where do I get my shattered screen replaced?

My phone fell hard on the pavement just a few moments ago. I was wondering where near the Kitchener-waterloo area can I get it fixed?

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ifixit does not recommend any repairers as the website is mainly about fixing the device yourself. Unfortunately there are no professional repairers for the area you want listed on the ifixit Professional repairers list. These repairers are in accord with the ifixit code of conduct for repair.

If you want to try repairing it yourself, here’s a video that shows how to do it.

Here’s a link to some suppliers of the part. It is shown just to give an idea of the cost of the part Just search online for Huawei Nova 3i LCD screen to find suppliers that suit you.

If you can’t do the repair yourself, then just search online for mobile phone repairers in your location and ask if they can do it and for how much and what guarantees they offer on their workmanship.

Here’s a link that was found by doing a quick search online. You can try this as well

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