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External storage options by Seagate, usually connected by USB, available in many storage sizes and form factors.

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External drive not detected, Static Charge Damage

Yesterday static charge from my body stopped my seagate external drive from working. I hear unusual clicking noise but not detected anymore. Anyone know if the data may have lost? Cheers.

Update (07/19/2020)

Thanks guys, I am not going to touch this although I have exactly identical hard drive with same model and PN and going to use that as a donor. But will get it done by a data recovery company. Yes expensive, over £500. I had all my 15 years family photos duplicated on 3 drives and last week I sorted them all out and put them in this one drive. I was going to make a back up on another drive but this happened one day before I do the back up. Just my laziness..!

I hope the data is still available and this company can recover all the photos. It is not SSD so I hope Dan is spot on, I hope that’s the case anyway. Expecting a call from that company and will see what happens and will update guys. Appreciate for taking time to reply.

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@chrisw53 Yes Chris, I consolidated all the photos from 3 external drives plus my Mac pro and put them all in this one drive. The problem is the last two years photos were not available on any other drives except the damaged one as I was using it as the main photography drive last two years. I am not going to touch any drives until I find out what happens to this damaged drive. If they cannot recover I will be looking to recover the moved/deleted files from all these drives.

Don’t have to apologise Chris, you just trying to help, appreciate that.



Thanks, good luck and hope the cost isn’t to horrendous!


Yes, will update here soon..


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The data on the platters is likely still there. The controller board tends to get damaged from ESD.

Now the fun part! If this is your only copies of your stuff and you need it badly then you’ll need to find someone with the needed parts and skills to replace the controller board. While expensive, it’s likely the safest way.

Or, you’ll need to find another drive (an exact match) which is working to salvage the controller from to get your drive going again. This is not an easy! And you could end up with two dead drives $$

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I may be totally wrong on this, static MAY corrupt data but it’s not likely to cause a drive to fail. Comments on that welcome though!

Your data should be safe but to retrieve is more difficult. Is the drive self powered via USB or is it a mains powered drive. One of my self powered clicks and takes ages to mount but plug it into the mains and it is fine.

Update (07/19/2020)

So, Rags, sorry to rub salt in the wound but I’m guessing when you consolidated all the pics onto one drive you dumped them off the other two before making the second backup ☹️ Remember if you have valuable data on only one drive, it’s not a backup. I work with 2 clones of my Macs as they are currently and anything archived is stored on 3 separate Drives in different locations. I hope you can retrieve everything. You could try to run retrieval software on the 2 drives that had the pics duplicated on, that would be a cheaper option as long as you haven’t overwritten them of course.

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@chrisw53 - This gets into the drives technology!

A HDD data is held on a physical platter (Disk), no direct electrical connection. Static won't alter what's written to the disk.

A SSD is very different! There a static discharge can corrupt the flash cells as they are electrically connected!

So you are right! A SSD's data can be damaged by a ESD discharge.


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