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Released in 2013, the Asus X550C is a line of budget Windows 8 ultrabooks. Related model numbers: X550CA, X550CC, and X550CL.

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Why is my battery light flashing orange?

Removing and replacing battery fixes problem for a few hours only.

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1 solution

Hi @uncler,

Does it happen when you connect the charger to power the laptop?

A blinking orange light means that the laptop is running on the battery and the battery power is less than 10%.

If the laptop has Win10 installed, create a Win10 battery report to check the status of the battery.

It may be failing and possibly will need replacing.

If you search online using the battery part number only, (0B110-00230400) you will get results for suppliers of the battery. Alternatively just search for Asus X550C battery.

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Amber light flashes when charging or not. Battery seems in good shape . Charges ok. Does not run down quickly. Mostly I trickle charge and it stays well charged 80-95%. A few times I have forgotten to have charger on and the battery of course has run down but reconnecting the charger recovers the battery . Still blinking! I need more ideas.


Hi @uncler

So the battery report showed nothing wrong then?

Is the latest BIOS version installed?

Search online for the motherboard "board number schematics" to hopefully find the circuit diagrams.

To me it's looking like a board level problem.

Hopefully someone else may have some more ideas.


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