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Miele Dishwasher Error F78 - Circulation Pump issue

I have a Miele Dishwasher G2872 SCVi. Lately, it has started to beep and shows “Technical Fault F78” on its display about 4-5 minutes into the wash cycle. Miele Tech Support say F78 means a fault with the circulation pump.

Did some initial checks - it looks like the water is draining out without problems and fresh water is coming in too. The filter is clean, and there appears to be no blockage in the circulation pump (I can move it easily by hand).

Any thoughts on what might be the issue? Is there any other remedy that one can think of (apart from buying a new dishwasher of course)?


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Does it have any sensors to detect the water level?


Hi @asaxena ,

Are the spray arms turning?

Place both the arms in a known position and start the machine. When it has filled with water and"started to wash" open the door and check the position of the spray arms to see if they have moved at all.

If not then the pump is not operating.

Can you hear if the the pump motor is working or is it just humming?


@hootonberg Many thanks for looking at this. I don't know of any. I think the answer is no.

@jayeff Many thanks for your suggestion. Here is what I just did:

- filled up about 1 litre of water in the dishwasher, and put the arms in a known position. Turned it on, and heard the usual sounds that indicate water draining.

- about a minute later, I opened up the dishwasher mid-cycle. Initial water had all drained out. Shut it back again and let the cycle continue.

- About 2-3 minutes after this the dishwasher beeped to indicate the error F78. Opened it up - the dishwasher is now filled with water up to slightly below the filter handle.

- The arms were NOT in the position I left them in.

Looking forward to hear more. Thanks once again!


I have the same issue and now I have taken apart the dishwasher och removed the pump. The axle where the impeller sits is pretty sluggish to rotate on my pump. Does anyone know if this is normal or if the rotation should be really easy (like a normal ball bearing easy)? I'm thinking there could be an o-ring in place as a seal which, in that case, would make it more sluggish.


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Things that have worked for me with f78 error: once; took bottom spray arm off and poured hot (not boiling) water down hole, this cleared a blockage. Many times; drained machine and examined grill over channel at back, if this has anything at all in it, eg tiny hairs, clear plastic, eggshell, get it all out - a cake fork works quite well, the machine should then work. When the machine activates its pump it looks for a current down the channel at the back and shuts off with f78 if it doesn’t detect one. Small obstructions in the channel can obstruct the current and make the sensor think the pump is not working. This is a design flaw with this machine as the plastic grills over the channel are insufficient to stop things getting through them, and may make things worse because thin strips etc can drape over them and are then impossible for the machine to dislodge itself.

Update (04/30/2022)

the ( most frequent) problem which causes this fault in my machine is a blockage in the pump sensor channel. With the machine turned off and the racks, spray arms, filter etc, taken out, drain the broken machine as much as you can, using ladle or small container. You can see a channel covered with white grill bars at the back. This is the channel that takes the current of water from the pump to the sensor that tells the machine that the pump is working. Examine the channel carefully, you may need a torch. If you can see anything at all in this channel or draped over the white grill bars, then you need to get it out, in my house our smallest forks are the right width to fit between the grill bars. Once the channel is clear put the machine back together and restart it, the error should have cleared and the machine’s cycle should work without F78.

The second most common problem, but much less often is a blockage. If you have checked the pump chamber and it is clear then try pouring hot (not boiling) water down the bottom spray arm hole, it should come out and fill up the bottom chamber. If the water backs up and then goes through in a rush you have cleared a blockage. Be aware that the water in the bottom of the machine will now be very hot.

If blockages in the sensor channel or elsewhere are happening it means that residue is getting though the machine’s filter. Make sure the filter and stainless steel mesh are clean, and there is no residue on the plastic where the stainless steel mesh sits which might be stopping it sitting flush against the bottom of the machine.

You may also want to clear very heavy residue off pots etc before putting them in the machine. My wife tells me I don’t do that very well, which is why we only ever get this error when I have stacked it.

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Usually the impeller comes apart in two pieces. The dishwasher detects low pump pressure, stops the wash, drains the water and ends the wash programme with F78 error.

You need to glue the pump impeller with special industrial adhesive and leave to set for 24 hours, you also need to take it apart, don't glue it in place. Made a video about it, search youtube for f78 miele impeller diy.

Miele wants 400eur for a new full pump, for older models there is a repair kit.

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I had to do a hard power reset! Turn the power off for 30 sec min.

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That did not work for me.


Follow the advice in the video, but be patient! I cleaned everything as the video advises and removed the spray arm and poured into that hole about a tablespoon of vegetable oil then 1L hot water and left it 24-36 hours (I’d previously tried 15 mins without success). Ran the machine on the shortest cycle, it got halfway through.

Buoyed by this success, I repeated the oil and hot water and waited another day-and-a-half. It’s done the full cycle!

We’d been away so the machine wasn’t run for a number of weeks so the inverter had seized. It needs to switch between draining, filling and circulating a number of times throughout the cycle, so the oil helped to lubricate the sealed components.


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The main problem I had was defect impeller in the circulation pump. The upper part had loosened from the base. I glued it back on with epoxy, and the machine worked again for some months until it happened again. I glued it again, and it worked for some weeks. A better glue would have been better. But the real problem is (was?) the quality or method of attaching the two impeller parts together. Since the machine was 12 years old, the replacement punp would cost more than a new machine, so no a new machine is in place. (I also had a problem with the water supply (valve stuck in closed position with handle in open position), and with latch mechanisms in the circulation pump assembly stuck by the o-ring du to poor reassembly after I had opened it. Discovered and fixed.)

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See my reply below. A tech had tried to also glue mine in place, repair didn't last.


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I’d already thoroughly cleaned out the filter but was still getting the same error, until I tried MC Turnbull’s suggestion (1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 1L hot water, leave to soak for a few hours - I didn’t need anywhere near 24 hours). Fingers crossed it stays fixed!

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So pleased it worked for you too Rebecca. Ours had been unused for a number of months and perhaps went into overdrive on patience, lol!

Thanks everyone, great to help reduce global waste!



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