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Since the update I cannot connect to home wifi

Since the latest update a few days earlier I am unable to connect to my Telstra home wifi, but can connect to other wifi in the area. I click on it and nothing happens. Doesn’t attempt to connect or prompt for a password.

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Hahaha .. I just experience it now ..

My Redmi 9 won’t Connect to My Cousin’s Wifi .. but, the other Wifi can Connect…

I can’t change the WPA Settings, even .. I want to change it so bad .. coz, I don’t have any Access to enter the Configurations!


Did You solve the issue ?


Sadly, Nope :(

I have curiousity to it


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Have you tried "forgetting" your Telstra WiFi network in the phone’s WiFi list and then searching for it again and then having to reinsert the password to connect, you didn't say?

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Yep I've tried turning wifi off and on, forgetting the network and re-adding with password, turning modem off and on, re-starting phone, and even doing a factory reset. It seems to be able to connect with other wifi but not my home wifi. My laptop is able to connect to the home wifi with no issue, so I'm thinking it's an issue with the phone.



Is this on a 5GHz Wifi or a 2.4GHz Wifi network?

If the 5GHz network try changing the channel inthe router and check, just a thought.


I have a Telstra router and it appears that we have access to both 2.4GHz & 5GHz. However 2.4GHZ network is already enabled so I don't know why it isn't connecting to my phone. Tried disabling band steering and only connected to 2.4GHz network, still won't do anything..



It is very strange that the phone works with other WiFi networks except one - yours.

You would think that if there was a WiFi problem that it would affect all networks or even if it were linked to a password that by forgetting the network or the more drastic step of a factory reset would have restored the phone's WiFi to default as far as your network is concerned.

There seems to be a compatibility problem between the two devices and reasonably you have concentrated on the phone so I was wondering if you can reset the router back to factory default and then set it up again easily?

Just trying to prove that it is the phone and not the router having a glitch with accepting your phone's WiFi mac address and allowing the connection.



Just wanted to let you know my issue has just been resolved by changing the security setting on the router to WPA + WPA2. It seems the provider sent out an update and the router automatically reset with the changed security setting. Thank you for your continued assistance :)


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