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Samsung tv has sound and picture no backlight. (backlight can flash)

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This tv has no backlight but has sound and picture. If I disconnect the t-con board from the power supply and turn the tv on, the backlight will flash on when unplugging. But only for a split second. There are only four wires going to the led strips attached to: D1+, D1-, D2+, and D2-.

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I’m guessing since I see a brief flash the led strips work but aren’t coming on when being told to.


I get 243v from D1+ and D1- but nothing from D2+ and D2-.

Added a photo of the Led Strip connection pinout. Here is the typed out version

9 D2-

8 D2-

7 NC

6 D2+

5 NC

4 D1-

3 NC

2 D1+

1 D1+

All help is greatly appreciated!



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Hi @paxonator ,

Disconnect the power from the TV and restore all the connections between the boards, then disconnect the mainboard from the power board and then reconnect the power to the TV.

The backlights should turn on full intensity and stay on.

If they blink or don’t stay on then there is a problem either with the power board or the backlights

Check the voltage at the LED power connector on the power board. If the backlights aren’t on and it is >230V DC then there is a problem between the power board and/or in the LED array. If it is <50VDC it is in the power board. Test between the connector and earth for the voltage

If the backlights stay on then there may be a problem in the mainboard or the power board.

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I actually tore the tv apart and started testing the led strips. I found many led's won't light up. So I'm guessing that is part of my issue.


I did what you described and Measured the voltage. It measured >230 dc for the led output but the led would not come on. I'll test more of the led strips before ordering new ones.



230V should be sufficient to turn on a strip. Don't forget to test the cable from the power board to the strips as well


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