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Repair guides and information for the HP 250 G3, a budget laptop released by HP in 2014.

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Why are some keys not working?

I have a HP 250 G4, I updated it's drivers, then I found out that some keys are no longer working unless I press and hold on to one of the keys for a while until that key starts working, then all the keys begin to work again in a normal way, but when I don't use the keyboard for a short while, those keys stop working unless I press and hold on to one of them again.

Those keys are esc f4 G H ; vol- “ winkey backspace

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Hi @iamameta ,

Try connecting a USB keyboard to the laptop and check if the problem is still there when using it, just tp prove whether it is a keyboard problem or an OS problem

Has there been any liquids spilled on the keyboard at all?


@jayeff USB keyboard works fine with it, and I've never allowed liquids or food items near the laptop.


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Hi @iamameta,

What drivers did you update?

Try rolling back the drivers you updated, one at a time and check if that resolves the problem.

The keyboard controller is pre-programmed but it can be updated if the BIOS is updated but it doesn’t necessarily have to be if you get what I mean.

Here are the HP Win 10 drivers for your laptop just to see if you have the correct ones installed for the laptop.

If the above fails to resolve the problem, it may just be coincidental, the only thing to try then is to replace the keyboard and check. Here’s the Maintenance and Service Guide for the laptop, taken from this webpage.

It details all the necessary pre-requisite steps and the procedures to disassemble the laptop. Unfortunately when replacing the keyboard you have to nearly completely disassemble the laptop as it is part of the top cover assembly.

On p.18 Item #2 (and also on p.22 for the suffix number) you will find the part numbers for all the top cover/keyboard assemblies available for the model. If you search online using the part number only, appropriate to your particular model, you will get results for suppliers of the part. If you wish to verify that you have the correct part number usually it is located somewhere on the underside of the assembly.

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Thanks for the feedback, I have tried everything as you've suggested, and there isn't any changes. I think the last thing I'll have to do before changing the keyboard is to run Windows Update and see if that fixes it.


In my laptop the keys asdf stopped working since yesterday. It rained very heavily here. Could that be the reason? But other keys are working.


@Poornima Rao

Did the laptop get wet at all?

What is the make and model number of the laptop?


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Hi @iamameta

Try launching keyboard tester and observe what keys is not working well.

if your laptop is under warranty, send in for repairs.

what you can try first is to detach the keyboard ribbon connector to the mainboard and use an eraser to rub on the ribbon contacts. try installing it back and see if it works, else you will need to get replacement.

Sadly nowadays keyboard are not as lasting as previously. I had service a number of laptops due to faulty keyboard.

Internal circuit somehow either worn out or corrosion, due to humidity and misc…

Some of the keyboard replacement module price are still acceptable. You can check at ebay and aliexpress for it.

Some may agreed e.g. new macbook pro, ultrabook, while keyboard is fused / glued into the laptop case, which is a pain to replace and almost impossible, either need to strip all parts to expose the keyboard out / get new keyboard assembly with the laptop base.

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One more thing I'll have to do is to run windows update and see if that fixes it before I open the laptop. Thanks for the reply though. :)


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