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Samsung 65-inch 2160P TV. Released in 2015.

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Smart TV limited by just one hdmi cable access

My old 1080p wall mounted Samsung TV had just one hdmi cable and power cable running to it from in the wall with a smart box in a cabinet below for all aerial and other hdmi connections. Now I have a new Samsung 4K smart TV but can only access it using the existing single hdmi cable and power supply. Do you have any suggestions for enabling me to use my aerial connection and other hdmi sources without having to put more cables through the wall which is of course a big job. Presumably I need some box in the cabinet which has aerial and hdmi inputs and output just to hdmi??? Thanks!

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Hi @kwissie ,

This is what you could try. A 3 input 4K HDMI to 1 output 4K HDMI switch with remote control to connect your different HDMI devices to the TV. There may be other switches with more inputs, but there are none (at least that I could find), that have RF tuners as well.

If you can’t find any either then you would also have to find something like this to convert the antenna’s RF signal so that it can be connected to the HDMI switch and so connect the antenna to the TV that way.

I think that the TV has WiFi capabilities so you can also use that to connect it to the internet or a computer perhaps.

Obviously you will have to look for devices that are compatible with your location regarding the power supply and also the TV signal type i.e. NTSC or PAL etc.

You can always go to the other end of the scale and get one of these. A bit over the top but will cover most things except having a tuner for the antenna, but definitely more than enough inputs and you can connect a sound system to it as well to get the extra benefits rather than listen to the TV speakers

Just some ideas.

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Thanks so much for your help. I am thinking that some 4K player may be the best option but I can not find one with an aerial input.



I don't know of any player that has a tuner or if it does then it doesn't have HDMI inputs.

Thought about a pvr (example only) because they all have tuners and HDMI output but no HDMI input so they're no good either.

You may have to go with having two devices as described above to achieve what you want, although by the time you pay for them and the hassles with using more remotes, getting the extra cables through the wall may be worth it ;-)


thanks so much - I will investigate


How about a TV Box which allows connection to TV channels via the internet and connects to the TV with hdmi and an extra hdmi switch for additional kit? Not perfect but probably ok??



Sounds OK as long as the HDMI switch passes 4K HDMI OK so as to get the most out of the TV if you have a 4K HDMI signal source connected.

So it would be TV box (plus other HDMI sources) into HDMI switch then into the TV. Maybe you can find a Universal programmable remote that can control all the devices ;-)


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