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17" HP Omen gaming laptop with Nvidia RTX 2070, Intel i7-9750H, 512 SSD and 1TB HDD.

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Why does my laptop keep losing access to the internet?

My HP Omen laptop has a strange issue, and I can't work out why it's happening or how to resolve it. I'll be using the internet perfectly normally, a few tabs open browsing different things and then suddenly no web pages will load anymore. Disconnecting and reconnecting the wifi doesn't resolve it. When I check, I'm still connected to the router, and every other device in the house that's connected to the router can stream without issue.

The only thing that resolves it is rebooting the laptop, and even then I may have to do it several times, though once usually does the trick.

I have tried uninstalling the network card and reinstalling it. That works in the same way rebooting does, it resolves it temporarily. A day or two later I'll experience the issue again.

The drivers of the network card are up to date, I am running the latest HP BIOS and the latest version of windows.

This is driving me crazy, does anyone know what might be happening?


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The issue I was experiencing is a common issue with the Intel AX200 and AX201 network card. The solution was to update the drivers, but not with the drivers HP provide or those determined by Windows to be the most up to date when it searches, but by installing Intels ‘Intel Driver & Support Assistant’ which was able to grab a very recently released version of the drivers which fixed the issue. If you are having this problem, I’d recommend doing the same thing.

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Some things to try to see if the problem can be narrowed down or resolved:

a. Try resetting the network stack and check if that resolves the problem.

In the search box on the taskbar (click Start), type command prompt, right-click the command prompt result and then select Run as administrator and confirm.

In the Command window type the following commands one at a time and press Enter after each command and wait for a response before entering the next command. Yes there is a space between the words and the / character but not between the / character and the next word. If you make a typing error use the backspace key and retype the word or letter etc. Some of the commands may take a little while for a response and do not restart the laptop until all the commands have been entered (even if a response says to do it)

Type ipconfig /release and press Enter key.

Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter key.

Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter key.

Type netsh int ip reset and press Enter key.

Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter key.

Close the Command window and restart the laptop in the normal manner and check if the problem is still there.

b. Try using the laptop in safe mode with networking and check if the connection remains stable. If it does it may be a driver problem (but you have checked the drivers) or a 3rd party program may be causing the problem. Check what programs are loaded when starting the laptop. In normal mode right click on the Taskbar and select Task manager > Startup to view what programs are being loaded when starting the laptop and check if they are necessary or not. Some may be for correct operation so be careful. Check online what the program is for if you’re not sure. If you think that it may be a problem, right click on a program in Startup and select “disable’ and then restart the laptop and check the WiFi. If still no good right click on the program again in Startup and select enable to restore it again etc

c. Try using the laptop as close as possible to the router to check if the connection is stable. If so it may be an antenna problem in the laptop. If it works OK right next to the router, here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop taken from this webpage Go to p.39 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the WLAN card. You don’t have to remove the card but the procedure will give good access so that the antenna cables’ connection to the card can be seen. (see p.40 to view antenna cables on the card)

d. Try installing a free WiFi sniffer program to check the receive signal levels of the WiFi connection. The signal level is displayed in -ve dBm so the higher the number the weaker the actual signal is. A signal level of -60dBm is considered Good, -70dBm is Fair and -80dBm is Poor or is unstable

Also check how “crowded” the WiFi channel is that you’re using between the router and the laptop i.e check how many other networks in the vicinity are on the same channel and what their signal strength is. It may be that if they’re on the same channel and have a strong signal it could be interfering with the signal reception/transmission in your network. Most routers default to CH1, 6 or 11 straight out of the box so try using a “quieter” channel i.e. one with little or no appearances in the sniffer program, to minimize any possible interference problems. Check your router’s user manual how to change the WiFi channel number.

Apologies for the long answer but sometimes you have to eliminate things to find out what is happening.

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c. Issue occurs whether I'm 8 feet from the router or on the other side of the house. I'm usually about 8 feet away. I'll open it up to take a look at the cables. Does the Chrome error suggest what the issue may be? When I lose connection Chrome shows "Your connection was interrupted, a network change was detected, ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED"?

d. Signal strength is -44dBm. If the channel was crowded, would I not expect other devices to be having trouble also, rather than just my laptop?

b. There are very few programmes enabled to run at startup, 3 Adobe CC processes, 1 related to a canon printer (added only after these issues began), HP host launcher, realtek audio and windows security.

a. I tried this, but the last one didn't run as it stated it needed to be run as admin, which I wasn't sure how to do.

After trying the steps once and rebooting it works again, but that's usually the case. I'll need to wait and see if that's the end of the problem.

Thanks for taking the time to help, I appreciate it a great deal.


I have checked what channel I'm on, 100, and none of my neighbours routers appear to be on channel 100.


@Joe Hesketh

Sounds like you are losing the connection for some reason. -44 dBm is actually very high strength signal and may be overloading the WiFi adapter. Try lowering the signal transmit power in the router so that you get about -60dBm in the laptop wherever you are in the premises and check how the connection holds. Do it in small steps until you work out how much you have to change it to get the desired result

Signal interference depends on a lot of factors so other devices may not suffer from it whereas yours might. It was only suggested in case something was obvious and it never hurts to not be using the same channel as everyone else around you.

To run as administrator, right click on the CMD app and the option appears, click on it and the accept the next option which asks do you wish to make changes. You cannot run a command unless you are an "administrator"

Did you try "b" anyway just to check it there is still a problem or not, you didn't say? It doesn't have to be a WiFi driver that is causing the problem it can be another one for example as only generic Windows drivers are loaded in safe mode and not hardware specific drivers. Looking at the 3rd party programs at Startup was again only eliminating possibilities


Really sorry, I didn't read your initial instructions carefully, you explained there I had to run the prompts as admin. I probably shouldn't have been trying to do that whilst I was working on a different machine. I've done that again as admin and rebooted. Thanks.

I'll see if I can dig out the instructions for my router and figure out how to lower it as a test. Just checked elsewhere in the house where the signal is weaker just over 60, and has has happened up there too. I'll aim for closer to 60 in the room I normally use the laptop in.


No, I haven't tried b yet, as I'm currently trying to work out how to boot in safe mode, as it doesn't appear to be the same as my other laptops (F8). I'll give that a try though. The problem with doing that is, I don't how how long to use it in safe mode, the the issue only happens every other day or every 3 days.

Thanks for your continued help :)


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