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The LG 60LM6450 is a 60-inch LED television released in 2012. It supports 3D video with glasses at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

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Can I test a TV screen without a working main board?

Hi, I recently came across a broken LG 3D TV, after plugging it in I received a black screen and no audio, but the power on light was white as if it was on. After taking it apart, I found the main board had some chips removed (likely from an attempted repair.) I'd like to have it fixed but the TV is worthless if the screen is cracked or otherwise damaged. Is there a way to test the screen without a working main board? It is the LG 55lw5600 if that helps any.

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It would be highly unlikely that the screen can be tested without specialized test equipment that can be plugged directly into the LCD screen’s tab boards or the interface board between the mainboard and the screen, so a working mainboard would be necessary.

Here’s the service manual (cannot be downloaded and has to be viewed online unless you register with the website) and also a troubleshooting manual for the TV if you decide to pursue this further.

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