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The Acer Aspire ES1-512-C80E is a personal computer produced by Acer Inc. aimed at a casual audience.

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Why is my 2017 Acer Aspire slower than a cheap 2013 Toshiba Satellite?

The Toshiba has 6 GB, the Acer, too (I upgraded it to 6 gb). But only the Acer (still) lags. Both are running Windows 10 (The Toshiba released in 2013 was Windows 8 ready but also ran Windows 7). To this day the Toshiba is breezingly fast. The Acer has been slow from day 1. Even our other 2011 Toshiba is faster and better in every way.

Frankly, I’m surprised Toshiba left the laptop business and Acer aren’t bankrupt. I’ve never met an Acer user that will repeat their purchase. I won’t either. My 2013 Toshiba Satellite C855-2G1 laptop is faster and better in every way than my loggy, slow 2017 Acer Aspire.

Anyway my questions are - how can an Acer be made faster without upgrading it or upgrading to a better brand?

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@jakeryan1 "how can an Acer be made faster without upgrading it" it can't. What models are your Toshiba and yourAcer?


@oldturkey03 Aspire ES1-531 and Toshiba Satellite C855-2G1 - the best laptop I've ver owned so far!


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Hi @jakeryan1 ,

Have you checked what programs are loaded at startup by both laptops? Go to Task Manager > Startup. Just to see if the Acer is loading more which slows the startup and if so also means that it is using more system resources which may be better used for other things.

As can be seen here the Celeron 1000M (Toshiba) is slightly better than the N3050 (Acer) but a lot also depends on the chipset as it interfaces the CPU with the motherboard

Also, just curious as to what version Win 10 is installed? If it is Win 10 32-bit then only 4 GB of RAM will be recognized, Win 10 64-bit can utilize up to 128GB. Mind you this will apply to both laptops. Go to Task manager > Performance > Memory and on the right side of the page you'll find the amount of memory that is available.

Is the Acer using a 3rd party A/V program (anti virus) at all? If so, have you tried temporarily disabling it to see if performance improves?

Are the latest version BIOS and chipset drivers installed]?

There can be lots of reasons why a computer is sluggish. You just have to eliminate them one by one.

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@jakeryan1 one big reason here is that the computers use a totally different processor. Your Acer uses a Intel Celeron N3050 whereas the Toshiba uses a Intel® Celeron® 1000M which is a faster processor. For a comparison between those two check on here I would also imagine that the Toshiba most likely cost you more than your Acer.....:-)


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Well, there is many of possibilities, not because is new it will work better, for example a computer of 3 Years ago with a core i7 processor will perform better that a brand new computer with a Celeron Processor. Also storage a SDD of 2 years ago will work faster than a brand new HDD 5400RPM. You need a geek talk to resolve all your questions.

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