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A home electrical installation is a complex system of electrical components that bring power into a home and distribute it to the various outlets, appliances, and lighting fixtures.

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Water damaged double socket

I had water leaking into my garage and water has gone inside the socket unit, which was tripping my lights in the house, I shut down the fuse box and the lights in the house came back on, having investigated it I found the socket to be wet damp and I'm drying it out, will the unit work when dried out or will it need replaced. Thank you.

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It depends on how wet it got and also what the socket’s electrical connections material is made of as the impurities in the water can create corrosion which may be a problem later on, especially if it is humid where you are.

Check that the electrical cable is also completely dry. I don’t know about electrical cables but have seen the results of water traveling up by capillary action under the insulation covering telephone cables and causing problems so I imagine that electrical cables would be no different.

Usually sockets aren't that expensive to replace so it may be better to replace it if in any doubt. Just my opinion on this

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