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Repair guides and support for all-in-one washer and dryer assemblies as well as stacked units.

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Dryer begins to spin but slowly stops

Frigidaire EGZ831AS1

Drying just started acting up.

Drying currently empty, Start attempt. Will turn approximately 1/4 rotation, Can hear motor trying but stops.

Try again, Unit maybe turns 1/8 to same result. Then eventually will not turn at all but I can hear motor trying.

Tub (sorry for not exact terminology) has some give it in it currently on the front. Feel like it might be off balance. Not sure how I would take apart to check as I cannot find a manual for this old girl.

After about 10 minutes I can try again and it starts the same scenario (only reason I did this is I needed to prove to the misses that I wasn’t being lazy it actually didn’t work :-D) Don’t want to burn out motor (anymore then it potentially is) Let me know what you guys think.



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Hi @ambientprotect ,

Did you mean FGZ831AS1?

Does the drum rotate freely by hand?

If not remove the drive belt and then check. It may be a faulty bearing.

If it is the above model number, here's a link to the parts diagrams that may help.

Click on Symptoms > will not tumble. It shows the possible reasons for the problem. If you then click on one of them e.g. drum support bearing, there is a video that shows how to replace it. The other possible problem parts also have videos.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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It does look like an E but 17 years later, could have just been blotched. it does rotate freely by hand



Here's another link where you can get a better view of the wiring diagram. Click on 1334135600 wiring diagram > expand diagram.

You may have to use an Ohmmeter to check if the motor windings are OK. Do this with the power totally disconnected from the combo unit

Looking at the dryer circuit, (below the washer circuit) the motor has a start and run winding. When the motor gets up to speed a centrifugal switch in the motor operates to connect the run winding in to the circuit so the motor can operate on less current but since it is barely starting it appears that there may be a problem with the start winding or the start circuit.


Pretty sure you hit the nail on the head with the windings. After readjusting drum. getting some crap cleaned out. I can get it running for about 30 seconds. in that time it slows down about 4 times before some safety kicks in for a few minutes. After that I can smell something, not as strong as an electrical short but something within the motor assembly is toast. It is an EGZ831AS1 model (Its a two in one combo similar to this ) But essentially same parts as the FGZ number you provided.

Unless you have a fix for the motor (please say no, otherwise I might try it) I'm going to look for a replacement motor... Don't really want to invest in a new unit right before moving.



No ;-)

There may be a short circuit between some of the wires in the motor windings which means it would need a rewind. Probably cheaper to get a replacement

Problems like this means that while more current flows through the windings therefore it gets hotter there is actually less magnetism produced which is how the motor turns.

Perhaps contact the suppliers in both the links I posted and ask regarding parts for your particular model.

Good luck


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