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Informations de réparation et de démontage pour l'iPhone SE de deuxième génération, annoncé et mis sur le marché en avril 2020.

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Why does my screen vibrate while playing music through speakers?

I just got my new SE yesterday. Everything was well and good until I played some music through the speakers of this thing. The sound is really good but my screen vibrates a lot while I’m playing something on this phone. Couldn’t find anything regarding online. Talked to apple care, I’m visiting the store to get my device checked up soon. Is this normal?

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If it's under warranty, take it to Apple. Make sure you create a backup of your data.


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In case you haven’t noticed, sound IS vibration.

If you play it too loud, the speaker has to vibrate so much that it may pass onto the screen.


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If you feel taps when your iPhone plays music, this is called haptic feedback or system haptics. You can turn this off by going to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and scroll down and turn off System Haptics.

Otherwise go to SETTINGS> GENERAL> ACCESSIBILITY. Scroll down and slide that little balance slider all the way to the left.

If you think that your iPhone vibrates excessively, contact Apple Support would be the best way.

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