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The 2005 version of Volkswagen Beetle is the upgraded version of the 1998 edition, which obviously came with a large number of improvements and advanced features.

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unlocking door on 2007 battery dead key won,t turn

2007 vw battery dead key will not turn in lock

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Most key batteries are easy to replace. This guide should help

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Hi @hootonberg ,

I was wondering if they meant that the car battery was dead and therefore the fob key wouldn't unlock the door remotely and the door couldn't be unlocked manually due to a faulty key lock cylinder in the door handle.

Wonder if they tried the passenger door? Looking online it appears to have a key lock cylinder in the passenger door handle as well. (I think)

But perhaps you're right and I'm just reading it wrong



@jayeff I can't tell if they're referring to the car battery or the key battery so I just assumed it was the key based on the wording. Some vehicles do have a cylinder on the passenger side but I'm not familiar with vw. I know my mini only has one cylinder and that's on the driver's door.


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