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Les récepteurs radio satellite, portables ou montées dans un véhicule, vous permettent d'écouter la radio diffusée par satellite XM ou Sirius où que vous vous trouviez sur le globe.

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Docking station works fine in one building,

Two buildings 20 yards apart. Two radios with docking stations work fine in bldg. A, neither one works in bldg. B. Both buildings have outdoor antenna with same view of the sky. LCD display shows station, artist and song title but no audio. Radio in bldg. B worked for about 5 years then quit. Replaced antenna and wiring in bldg. B still not working.

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Hi @mcjimbo ,

Don't know the system that you're describing but are the docking stations fixed to the radio or are they fixed in the building and the radio can be removed so to speak?

If fixed in the building, just wondering if you can swap the docking stations to eliminate it as a possible cause.


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Turns out the problem is with the power unit. It is a switching adapter that powers the speakers along with the radio function. Not sure exactly how it works but it can power the unit without powering the speakers. I have a new one on order, will update when it is received.

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