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The HP Pavilion 17-e146us is a laptop designed by HP and powered by Intel. The device has a touch mouse, a full keyboard, and a variety of external ports including HDMI, headphone/microphone jack, and USB ports. Model number: HP Pavilion 17-e146us.

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Laptop wont turn on and no charge light. HP pavilion 17

My notebook wont turn on and i noticed the power light isnt turning on either. It was working fine last night but wouldnt turn on this morning. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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How old is your battery? It may need replacing.

If the battery is fairly new, I would try:

  1. Making sure that the charging cord is secure in the laptop, outlet, and the adapter box in middle of the cord.
  2. Plugging the laptop into a different outlet.
  3. Trying a different charging cord for the laptop.

4. Replacing the DC connector port where the charging cord plugs into the laptop.

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i dont believe its the battery as it still doesnt turn on without the battery in and im not sure about the cord but i can try. other outlets dont change anything.


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The first and easiest thing to try is the power adapter. Does it have a light on it, and if so is it shining?

Ask around and see if you can find someone with a similar HP. If it has a plug which fits your laptop it should be compatible. Take the battery out of yours and try it with their adapter.

If still no joy then it’s not going to be easy. I take it there’s no spash screen, or even a faint glimmer from the screen when you press the power button. And the power button hasn’t lost its click or feels any different to usual. That would indicate there’s a fault in the circuitry close to the power inlet. If you can disassemble it, (see this disassembly guide - marked as Diffficult, but it really isn’t) look very carefully for any signs of overheating or burning in that area of the motherboard. If so, take some close-up photos of the area and post another question

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I have already tried removing the battery completly and just using the cord and it didnt work. The charge light isnt on at all and no signs of life from the Laptop at all. I eben opened it up and looked for anytjing unusual and didnt see anything. I thought the laptop had charge but i can try using a different cable if i can find one. Someone recomended i reseat the ram or even try it in a new port and i should try a new CMOS battery but im not sure if they would stop any lights coming on at all. Thanks for the response.


@Coodle Gaming

Hi CG,

It won't hurt to take out the CMOS battery and drain power from board. At least that would remove that question from the list.

Golden rule for troubleshooting - look for the simplist case first.

Shorts any where in the system can cause problems so unplug everything - drives, RAM, display screen. Check that all ribbon cables are correctly inserted, etc.

HP e100 series Service Manaul:


Tried reseating a lot of tjings like ram and ribbon cables i even removed the CMOS battery for a good 20 - 30ins and still nothing. Its looking like a short on the motherboard somewhere.


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Use a Voltmeter to check that there is 19.5V DC on the output plug of the charger to prove that is supplying the power to the laptop.

If the charger is OK then you need to open the laptop and check that the DC-In jack is OK and that there is continuity through the jack to the motherboard. Sometimes the centre pin of the connector breaks internally. They cannot be repaired, they have to be replaced.

Here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop, taken from this webpage. Go to p.89 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the power connector cable.

You initially don’t have to remove it, just disconnect the power connector cable plug from the motherboard and then use an Ohmmeter to test the wires for continuity between the jack and the cable plug.

If the jack is faulty, the spare part number is 719859-001. Search online using the part number only in the search term of your browser, to find suppliers of the part that suit you best.

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