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Battery Powered Bluetooth Earbuds Sweatproof, Single Driver, Microphone

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Is it possible to replace the battery on AWEI BT Earbuds?

As per the title above. The listed teardown is great however it does not cover the battery.

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Hi @kipyegon ,

I’m assuming that you mean the ifixit AWEI BT Earbuds & Receiver Teardown?

In the 3rd image of Step.6 in the guide the battery can be seen and it appears that it is soldered to the circuit board (it’s hard to be sure though) and that the battery is just sitting in place in the shell of the case.

Here’s a close up image

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing).

Normally with LiPo batteries there is information printed on the battery which indicates the voltage (V) and the capacity (mAH) and also the dimensions of the battery which should help you to find a suitable replacement.

The dimensions are usually a 6 digit number and the convention is that the first 2 digits indicate the depth (or height) of the battery in mm with a decimal point between the digits which is not shown, the next 2 digits are the width in mm and the last 2 digits are the length in mm e.g. a 301520 battery is 3.0mm H x 15mm W x 20mm L. (I don’t know the dimensions of the battery in the earbuds, this is just showing how to interpret the numbers).

The reason I’m saying this is if you cannot find an exact replacement for the battery, then if you search for a battery having the identical Voltage as the original (important that it is exactly the same), and hopefully the same capacity (mAH - milli Ampere Hours) then you may be able to find a similarly sized one or slightly smaller one (definitely not physically bigger as it has to fit in the case) that may be suitable to use. e.g. search for (insert dimensions number) (insert voltage value) LiPo battery e.g. 301520 3.7V LiPo battery (I don’t know the voltage value of the battery either, this is just to show what to do. Insert the value as per the info on the battery)

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Thank you for the comprehensive answer, it's a big help.


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