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Sorti en juin 2006, le Dell Inspiron 530 est le premier modèle de la série des Inspiron.

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cant enter the boot menu but can go windows normally (go online etc)

hi there, so im updating an old dinosaur of a pc, and i will be installing linux on it as it currently runs on windows vista (i will be installing linux on an ssd and having that boot as the primary and will probably just let vista lie dormant on the hard drive) i have installed an intel dual core e8400 up from a dual core e2160 so in other words it now has the second best processor it could ever have, it can also have up to 8 gigs of ram (4 slots) and im about halfway there, just need to order 4 more parts to finish everything, 2 of those being the final 2 sticks of ram, so to do those things i also had to upgrade the bios from to 1.0.18 or whatever the numbers are, but thats roughly it.

the problem now is: i cannot get into the boot menu, when i try, it just cuts the signal with the monitor (my tv) but yet the computer stays on, if however i allow the computer to boot normally, it will do so and i can go on the internet with it or whatever….but this boot issue absolutely needs to be sorted otherwise i will not be able to select it to boot from the ssd that i will be getting.

i discovered this when i was trying to make it boot from my hirens boot cd (which i used before on it to bypass a forgotten password) in order to clean up any residual viruses/malware it may or may not have so as i can keep the machine preserved whilst waiting for the parts.

any help with this and/or a solution would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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Are you sure you got the correct BIOS version for your model? 530, 530s, 530b and 530sb are listed.

Also "NOTE: The F2 prompt indicates that the keyboard has initialized. This prompt can appear very quickly, so you must watch for it to display, and then press <F2>. If you press <F2> before you are prompted, this keystroke will be lost." Same I believe with <F12>.

Boot menu <F12> right? Does it appear when DELL logo appears?

Here's a long shot. Have you looked in the BIOS under advanced to see if the F keys are set to enabled or Multimedia?

You could always just change the boot order in the BIOS for your new SSD drive.



Good to know.


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Hey folks, have managed to sort this particular problem out, had read about how you cannot access the boot menu properly sometimes if you are using a tv as your monitor, but when I plugged in a separate dedicated monitor and just set it on top of the tower, it works just fine :)

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Hi @weemawn

Try the following:

Start the PC and then press the F2 key to enter BIOS.

I realize that you can’t see anything on the screen.

Pressing F2 on startup is only to stop the boot process from continuing and to enter the BIOS.

The next step I’m not totally sure of but try pressing either F1 or Fn+F1 and check if the BIOS menus now display on the screen.

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