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This category includes all series of the Bose SoundDock speaker, manufactured from 2004 to 2009. Compatible with Apple products.

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Stripped dc power cable and port

Due to frivolous use of the soundDock the cable and port that power the device have become warn. The connection between the two is only maintained through careful taping and the occasional ‘jimmy’ (slightly moving the cord). the attached image bosePowerConnect shows the power cord side. i probably will buy a new power cord if there is a way to fix the port as shown in image bosePowerConnect1. How can i fix this port ? bosePowerConnect1.HEICbosePowerConnect

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Hi @jope123 ,

Most probably you will have to replace both the socket in the player and the plug on the cable.

Here is how they may be wired if Bose kept to the same arrangement in their players

Solder DC in directly to the connector board of Bose Soundlink 1?

Here are just two components that may be used as suitable replacements if the dimensions are OK as their electrical specifications are sure to be OK



If they are then search online for Molex (insert part number) to find suppliers.

If they are the wrong dimensions etc, search on the Molex website for more suitable components.

Hopefully a start.

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Thank you for the information.


There has to be a service where i can pay a competent technician for a custom explanation for amateur hobbyist like myself



Maybe contact a reputable, professional electronics repair service, especially one that mainly does audio equipment repairs and ask them, although they may want to do it themselves rather than give advice even if you offer to pay but you can only ask and find out.


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