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Repair guides for the Samsung J7 Pro. Learn how to repair your Samsung J7 Pro on your own.

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Is Samsung J7 Sky Pro SM-S727VL Screen Replacement Easy?

Ive Been Doing Online Sales for a good few years now, ive recently gotten into Phone Repairs since ive already been flipping Phones, i have a J7 Sky Pro SM-S727VL(GP) With a Shattered Screen, Im Wondering how easy it is to Swap out the screen so i can sell it for significantly more? And is the Glass Separate from the digitizer? i see digitizers for about $30 and Just Glass for about $12, And since the Screen is Perfect i would like to replace the glass if possible. i Got the Phone for Free so Replacing the Glass is worth it, Replacing the Digitizer might not be.

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Hi @queenang

Looking at this video it appears that it may be easier and possibly less damaging to replace the complete assembly, i.e. LCD screen + digitizer

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