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Is it possible to replace the battery of the M1 MacBook Air?

I have a new M1 MBA 2020 and am wondering if the battery is replaceable if it dies eventually after a few years?

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Here’s a good writeup on the new M1 13” MacBook systems M1 MacBook Teardowns: Something Old, Something New

As we can see comparing the older Intel and the new Apple M1 models we can see the battery appears to be the same and like the older one also glued in!

Early 2020 13" Macbook Air

Block Image

M1 13" Macbook Air

Block Image

So I would say its very possible to replace it!

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indeed the battery is easy to replace. It´s glued as we know it already from iPhones e.g. If you are careful enough it´s no rocket science.

That’s why I choosed the MBA M1. It´s important for me to use this device for several years.


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I have bought this laptop less than a year ago, and I have opened it up multiple times since. The battery should be easily replaceable. However, you should not need to replace it very soon as the M1 chip is very power efficient. My MacBook Air is still at 100% battery health after only six months. The charge cycle is also very low at only 52. Apple quotes that their laptop batteries can withstand 1000 charge cycles before they start to degrade. Also, Apple’s battery management is one of the best in the world and will keep your battery healthy for years to come before you even need to think about replacing it.

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Yes, the battery is replaceable with screws and street friendly adhesive. If you want to learn more about how to replace your battery, ifixit has a wonderful guide you can check out.

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