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SSD replacement on the 7390 2-in-1 really not possible?

Found out the hard way - by taking the machine apart - that the 7390 xps 2-in-1 apparently has the ssd soldered onto the system board. Does this mean it can not be upgraded to a larger size ssd just like any other xps laptop? How can I get a different ssd with this laptop model?

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How unfortunate for you.

All the ones I found on the web the SSD were socketed.

Changes in versions of the 7390 XPS 2 in1 model I guess.

But interestingly the service manual -

- for the USA on page 23 mentions that the SSD is soldered.

The moral of the story is research before you buy.


@aactech Oh I need to know now too. Maybe it's just on the 2-in-1 and the normal version is still not soldered?


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Oh no - it’s true. They traded modularity for battery on this XPS 13 :-(.

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Admittedly I expected the RAM to be soldered since that’s a XPS 13 staple design fail, but soldering the SSD is where I draw the line. All I know is the soldered SSD has put the XPS 13 onto my do not buy list as an extreme precaution because apparently some of them are soldered, while others are not. The RAM is annoying, but I can sort of understand on a super slim machine - but if you solder it and there’s room for modular RAM then that’s just lazy engineering. BUT the second you solder the SSD on is when I put a entire series of machine onto a “do not buy” list.

From what I can tell, it’s just the 2-in-1 that’s plagued with this but nonetheless I’m considering both no buys as a cautionary measure.

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Thank you for confirming. Agree with Nick that with RAM it is kinda OK, but soldering SSD is a showstopper. I know I should have researched but I’ve had Dell laptops for the past almost 20 years and frankly did not expect that from Dell,


It said Onboard when I checked, so it seems like a segregated issue for now. The 2-in-1 soldered, traditional laptop is still modular.

Even then I'm still reluctant to accept soldered RAM because it sets a precedent it's okay to do it on everything (even with room for a RAM slot) but on the XPS 13 I can sort of see why with how thin they are.


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