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La Magic Mouse est une souris multi-touch fabriquée et vendue par Apple. Elle a été annoncée et vendue pour la première fois le 20 Octobre 2009.

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Dent in right click area

I bought a used Magic Mouse (the battery version, not the rechargeable one) but it won’t right click at all. After looking there seems to be a big dent under the right click area.

It doesn’t show up well on camera but it’s there:

Block Image

Can I safely fix or remove it? Thanks

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Ouch the aluminum shell is bent up so its stopping the plastic part to go down.

You might be able to bend it back wedging between the surfaces carefully prying. If you can see of you can disassembly it review this for an idea what’s need Magic Mouse Teardown

Otherwise you’ll need to get another, sorry ;-{

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Thanks Dan. I might try pull it apart and see what I can do to pry it back. If my luck isn't there it's alright, it still kind of right clicks if you position your finger right :-)


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