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Back up external Boot disk to time machine hard drive?

I have a late 2013 MacBook Pro 15” (512 GB) that just shut down all of a sudden and wouldn’t start back up again. I thought it was the battery or even charger, so I had both the battery and charger replaced. Yet the computer doesn’t even turn on. I assume it’s a defective motherboard (logic board), so I got an external enclosure for the internal hard drive (Samsung S4LN053x01-8030). I was able to boot my now external drive on another computer.

Now that I can access my hard drive on another computer, I thought I could backup this hard drive using my time machine drive, but I seem to have problems. Short of buying another MacBook Pro late 2013 computer, what are my options here? Any help wold be greatly appreciated!

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If you have your MacBook systems SSD in a external case and can access the files you then have what you need to recover your stuff to a new system or if you are upgrading your internal drive to a larger SSD.

But it does sounds like you have something more involved here than that! Your system’s SSD is not directly compatible in newer systems as Apple upgraded the interface a few times gaining more performance and altering the I/O dialog from mSATA to PCIe either using AHCI and then NVMe x2 then x4 lanes. Here’s a great write up on Apples blade SSD’s The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs

As far as restoring your stuff off of your drive to a replacement drive or new system all you need is Migration Assistant from the working system you are going to use How to transfer data to your new Mac from your old Mac

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Thank you so much for your help! The logic board crapped out and the $@$*!& enclosure shorted the HD. Thankfully, I only lost 2 weeks of work. Oh well, you live and learn. Note to self: Always backup regularly.


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