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Repair guides and support for the HP's basic inkjet printer line, the DeskJet.

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Just Got A HP DeskJet 3632 - Barely any ink.


I just purchased this printer today from Big W.

I printed a total of 10 full-colour pages before the colour ink ran out.

Is this the expected amount of colour ink per cartridge? Seems a bit low for the ink price.

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New printers usually don’t have their ink cartridges at 100% when you get them. These are starter cartridges and are meant to get the printer up and running. Once you buy new cartridges you will see they las longer!

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The ink cartidges showed 100% when I put them in for the first time.

It would be nice if they let you know the ink wasnt full, because I ran out while printing work stuff.


They show a 100% but they have much less ink than a regular cartridge. I agree with you, those practices are quite shady and designed to spend more money on ink.


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