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A minor refresh of the Late 2018 MacBook Air, with the same model number (A1932) and EMC number (3184). This model features a True Tone display and a slightly revised battery.

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How do I fix my space bar key?

I removed my space bar key to get paint off of the key cap and I tore the silicone membrane in the newer models, I’m not sure if I need to replace the silicone membrane and if so, how to. Answers would be greatly appreciated if anyone knows!

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Is your space bar working now?


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I’m afraid the keyboard is part of the upper case of the MacBook, meaning that you’ll need to get a complete upper case in order for you to fix the keyboard. You can read more in the upper case replacement guide. But I’m not sure if the membrane is that critical to the operation of the keyboard. Maybe try first if simply re-assembling the keyboard makes it work again, that way you don’t need to buy an expensive upper case.

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Thank You so much @bramdriesen! I will try to repair it and see if it works!


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