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An audio/video receiver (AVR or home audio receiver) is a consumer electronics component used in home theaters that convert signals into sound.

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Why is the sound erratic when using volume control on my receiver?

I have a Realistic STA-111 Digital Receiver. It works but when I turn the volume control, static runs through the speakers and the volume in one speaker will turn very low. I have to have the volume at certain levels for one speaker to work. Also, I also receive static when changing the balance alone.

Thanks for any help

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Hi @bobbo1 ,

I can’t find the service manual or even a schematic for the receiver but it seems as though the volume control and the balance control potentiometers either need to be cleaned with a contact cleaner aerosol spray or possibly need to be replaced.

Most potentiometers have either a carbon track or a wire track where a contact wiper blade runs along and this varies the resistance in the circuit which alters the voltage and current flow through the particular circuit in which it is located.

Over time the wiper blade contact and/or the track gets dirty which creates resistance between the connection of the wiper to the track and therefore the noise etc.

Here’s a link that shows all the various types of potentiometers available.

If you cannot access the ones in your receiver to clean them with the contact cleaner as they are too tightly sealed then you may have to replace them. Their value should be printed on the component itself.

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Thanks @jayeff. I do have a downloaded manual and hopefully it details the type. Again, this is much appreciated.


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I agree with the other answer….they need to be cleaned….my brother is a techie guy and longggggg ago, he would fix them by simply turning the knobs back and forth in quick succession over and over….all the way up and all the way down, rapidly. This seemed to always remedy the problem.

PLEASE MAKE NOTE: Have the device off when you do it. (you don’t want to go deaf when ya turn it all the way up!)

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Thanks caronwolff.


Any concerns about what type of contact you using


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