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The Surface Laptop 2 by Microsoft was released October 2018.

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Surface pro 2 keeps turning on then off

Hi guys,

Before anyone says "use it as a door stop or a coaster" hear me out, i was given this for free and want to give it to my daughter to use for school, the issue i have here is the person who gave it to me decided in "recovery section" to go into Dos and do a diskpart (Clean) on the drive and now the surface turns on for 2 seconds flashes the surface logo then turns off and repeats over and over

Does anyone know of any fix for this at all?? would be greatly appreciated

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There are some troubleshootings you can just check out.

Step 1: Check to see if there are any keys stuck/depressed.

Step 2: Observe where the boot process ends and starts over.

Step 3: Boot in safe mode or the operating system equivalent.

Step 4: Check to see if your laptop is overheating.

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You need to (using a different computer) search for “windows 10 iso” and download that. (make sure you are downloading it from microsoft) then click on download tool now (you will need a 8GB USB stick) follow the steps to create installation media. Then plug it into the surface. Hold the power button and volume up (+) at the same time until you see a menu appear. go to the one labeled “Boot” then make USB Storage the first selection. then restart the computer and click install. then when it gets to “easy” or “custom” choose custom. then click next. then it should be ready to go in a while. make sure you do all updates once it’s up and running. it wont work properly till you do

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