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Fourth generation wireless keyboard made by Apple. Released in October 2015. Model A1644.

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Spacebar, arrow down, backspace - beyond repair?

I’ve gotten a magic keyboard (A1644) from my nephew. After years of abuse the spacebar and arrow down and backspace stopped working. I don’t know if liquid was ever spilled on it - but it isn’t sticky at least.

I have removed the spacebar for good measure and just pressing down on the soft round with my finger does nothing.

Is there any other types of tests I can do to make sure it’s broken beyond repair?

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The rubber cup has a conductive area on the other side which shorts across the two contacts (switch) If its not working that’s likely the end of the keyboard.

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That's very helpful. I'd bet that's the case. Then I won't have to bother checking the other keys as it will be a waste of time! Thanks for that!


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